Lesson Planning, pt 1

Part of what I love about teaching is planning lessons.  I find it challenging and stimulating.  It requires me to think outside of the box focus on what my students will find interesting and are capable of.  I often find myself wondering whether or not my lessons are too difficult, or even worse… too easy.  Being more experienced means that many of the techniques and concepts I am teaching are like second nature to me.  I have always had an interest in art, so I learned many of what I am teaching at a younger age.  When I plan my lessons I am challenged to think back to what I used to be capable (or incapable) of and also to reflect on my students abilities and strengths.

I use many resources to help me plan lessons, including my host teacher.  The resources that I use are mostly from School Art Magazine and the internet.  My resources are on the right sidebar.  I also just think a lot on projects.  It helps that we are teaching concepts in addition to techniques.  So instead of just planning random projects, we are planning projects around actual concepts and design elements.

I think that teaching the elements and principles of design is very important.  Often times art is cast aside as an ‘easy’ course, but it’s not really.  There are more things to learn besides how to paint a pretty picture.  Something that I have been reflecting on is how much we use design in our everyday life.  Thinking about the clothes we wear, our furniture, buildings, kitchenware, etc…. it all has elements and principles of design.  Down to the food we eat.  We want our dinner to have good color, texture, balance… all features that we are trying to teach our students to be more observant and conscious of.

I hope that as I continue to learn how to plan lessons and put together a wide range of projects, I am able to challenge myself and my students consistantly.  I am very lucky to have such a wide range of resources at my feet-and I hope that this website can eventually serve as another art education resource for other teachers.