Simulated Texture-Middle School

While I was rummaging around the internet I found a lesson that seemed like it would be really fun.  We were about to start a unit on texture, so I was looking around for ideas and found this lesson.  I decided to give it a shot, because the finished projects looked really interesting.

After giving the students a presentation on what texture was, I showed them an example of the artwork.  I told them that they could use any medium they wanted to create 20 different types of simulated texture total for the circles.  After several students were finished I demonstrated how to put the pieces together and gave handouts with written and visual directions for assemblage.

This project was okay.  I don’t know that I would do it again.  While several of the end projects were really great, most of them were just so-so, and I feel like we could have done a more exciting project that demonstrated simulated texture.  In the end, the majority felt like there wasn’t a point to the project, and didn’t learn as much as I had hoped.  As a result we did another project that incorporated simulated texture that they could actually get behind.

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