Lesson Planning pt 2

There is more to planning a lesson than just planning an activity. Often people think that art teachers have it easy because we just need to keep the students entertained. This is not true. There are many elements and principles of art and design that students need to learn to be successful artists.

The template that I use to create my lessons is based off of my host teacher’s. This template outlines in detail what the students will learn and accomplish, as well as what the teacher will be doing and accomplish. I find that this template for lesson planning helps me organize my thoughts, and decide whether or not a project will actually work. The only thing that this outline does not have is a timeline. While my nature would prefer to have a specific timeline, in practice I find it is difficult to put a deadline on a project before the students have begun. Every class dynamic is different from the last, and it is hard to tell a student who is working very thoughtfully on their art that they need to stop because 1/2 of their peers have rushed through their project. Instead, I just try to ‘go with the flow’ and make sure that students are on task throughout the project. Here is the outline that I use:


Part 1: What is the first part of the lesson?

  • Materials needed for project
  • Objectives (what will the students learn… perceive, identify, discuss, create…)

Scope and Sequence:

  • Introduction (notes, PowerPoint, discussion)
  • Engage (begin project)
    • Example
    • Demonstration
    • Creation
  • Assess (methods of assessment)

If there is a second part to the lesson I would put it here. Again, this is a great aid in lesson planning. I find the materials list very helpful, and it is easy to revise. Sometimes as a lesson is happening I will need to change the steps or criteria. Putting the document in my computer helps me make alterations for future use.

Attached is an example of a lesson plan for Color and Value, and demonstrates multi-step projects that have sub-categories as well.  Not all lessons are this long, many lesson plans end up being only 1 page long.

Color and Value Lesson Plan (PDF Format)

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