Monthly Archives: August 2012

Another Change

 Things just keep changing.  My time at the Canvas was short lived, only 9 months.  After a pretty difficult and cold summer, my boyfriend and I made the decision to move back down South.  I loved my time with the clients, and I learned more that I could have hoped for-not only about managing a studio and beginning to create a program, but about ceramics.  It was a fantastic experience, and I will miss all the clients and community members that I worked with.  Life has to go on though, and when you find yourself unhappy something must be done to remedy the situation.  Sunshine was what we needed, so we decided to head towards the Southwest.

Originally I was going to go back to school part time and work on a portfolio to get into graduate school for art, but on a whim I applied for a part time art teaching job.  I ended up being offered a position at a high school-which quickly turned into a full time teaching job!  It was a crazy process, and I ended up pushing up my plans and moving 2 weeks earlier then I had planned.  Everything is give and take, right?  So I got my almost-dream job, but I had to move without my car and only 2 bags of my belongings (plus the little bit my boyfriend had room for in his car).

I now teach 2 sections of “Art 1” and “Sculpture/Ceramics”.  We are at the end of our third week and I am finding myself challenged in ways I hadn’t quite realized I would.  Management is a huge issue right now.  Most of my classes are great, but I have one section that is giving me a lot of grief.  There are just too many kids, and there is a table of hyper boys that are putting me in a foul mood.  I’ll figure it out as time goes on, and it might result in a seating chart and privileges  taken away… but hopefully it won’t have to go that far.  The seating chart I think will be inevidable… but I hope I don’t have to turn this into a notes-heavy art-history class.  That’s the last thing I want to do.

Besides the issues I’m having with controlling that one class, things are great.  I’ll start putting up lesson plans pretty soon, as my students complete projects.  Right now my sculpture students are wrapping up a tile project, and beginning a writing assignment.  My art 1 students are working on a grid project (that I shamelessly took from my host teacher from FALA) after having completed their portfolio.

I can’t wait to see how this year goes, and hope to have some great projects to show for it.