Monthly Archives: December 2011

Starting Anew

Since that last time that I wrote, a lot has changed.  I don’t work for a middle/high school anymore, but instead I teach community classes and day rehabilitation classes in pottery.  This job is proving to be challenging, and also rewarding.  I am slowly starting to get the hang of teaching older students, as well as students who experience disabilities.  Both are very different from each other, and worlds apart from what I was doing during my teaching internship last year.

I am very excited, though.

This website will begin to include not only old lesson plans I may revisit, but my journey teaching pottery.  Lesson plans, ideas, and what I am finding works… or doesn’t work.  The space that I am working in is very small, so my classes are limited to 6 people.  I think that this will be a great number to really start to build relationships and learn about myself as an educator.

Wish me luck!